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Samsung S8

Samsung S8 I recieved a Samsung S8 to give a whirl. It is now my primary phone coming from the iPhone SE. There is a simple reason why; the screen is superb in every sense of the word. The edge to edge and super slim bezel plus software keys create a device that is all screen…and it’s fantastic. After using this screen going back to my iPhone SE’s tiny screen felt constricting.

Back to the Fruit

Back to Apple. For the past week and a half I have been using the Note 7 as my primary phone. The only thing I used my iPhone for was recording my blood pressure in the morning. During this time I spent roughly $80 on applications. I hate ads and I liked focused products so money spent. I also wanted to try a few games; mostly ended up playing Reigns.

Note 7 One Weekend In

Samsung Note 7 I recently got the chance to try out the Samsung Note 7 for an extended time period. The particular model I got is a Blue, 64 GB on AT&T. I have been an iPhone user since 2008 with the iPhone 3G, since then I have had most of series of iPhones. I think I have had the 3G, 3GS, 4, 5, 5S, 6S Plus. The 6S Plus has been my goto phone for the past year.

Why do I have facebook links?

The entirely lazy answer is; so I can post my blogs to Facebook. I am not a fan of them but they make it easy; and as we know programmers are a lazy bunch.

Being a Manager - Part 1

Note any opinion stated in this series of posts are mine and mine alone The first thing you need to know, I am ill-equipped to talk about being a manager. I realize that this is a horrible way to start a multi-part series about management. I have been a manager for 3 years and though I am starting to transition out of the role and into a more development oriented role; being a manager has been the most rewarding and difficult role I have taken.

Butchertown Grocery

Butchertown Grocery The first time I encountered Butchertown Grocery is when my gastro partner in crime, Anna and myself went to a Copper and Kings tasting. Nestled amidst the other food items was Butchertown Grocery offering a a slider burger; mixed with bacon, topped with pork belly and lathered in pepper lard. It would have been delicious if it only had one of the three toppings. Instead it was a greasy and hard to eat.

Why a blog?

I have theoretically had a blog for years. More accurately I have had a blog that I never maintained. As time goes on I find the need to create a blog for myself, even if it has a readership of 1. It is my place on the internet to expose my thoughts in the manner I best see fit. There are countless forums, emails, IRC chats and other communications that I have contributed with.

Va Va Vixens - Va Va adVenture

Va Va Vixens On August 6th 2016 several friends and I went to see the Va Va Vixens in Va Va adVenture. Yes, that is a lot of Vas. I have been going to these shows for around the past 5 years and have only missed 2 shows. I must say this is my 2nd favorite I have been to. Hard to beat the first time I saw them. Let us set the scene.

Hello World from Hugo

First post from Hugo. Hello World!