Why a blog?

Aug 10, 2016 | 1 minute read

I have theoretically had a blog for years. More accurately I have had a blog that I never maintained. As time goes on I find the need to create a blog for myself, even if it has a readership of 1. It is my place on the internet to expose my thoughts in the manner I best see fit. There are countless forums, emails, IRC chats and other communications that I have contributed with. None of them capture what I have to say in the best way possible. The simple blog is still the best way. Most importantly I own the message.

Ownership is important. I own the domain, I own the server and the contents are all simple files on a system that are portable. WordPress doesn’t host my items, Medium isn’t the provider. I am. For around $5 dollars a month! The voice is consistent here, the urls are natural. I like simple and minimal.

My goal to my dear reader, myself. Is to post pretty often and about what intrigues me at the moment. Lots of software and food related items of course. Followed by general topics. So forgive me these first many posts, I expect them to be poor.