Va Va Vixens - Va Va adVenture

Aug 9, 2016 | 2 minutes read


Va Va Vixens

On August 6th 2016 several friends and I went to see the Va Va Vixens in Va Va adVenture. Yes, that is a lot of Vas. I have been going to these shows for around the past 5 years and have only missed 2 shows. I must say this is my 2nd favorite I have been to. Hard to beat the first time I saw them. Let us set the scene.

We are Table 1, up front literally leaning on the stage. A few drinks bought and the show starts.

Hilarious Barb skit that continued throughout the night. I thought the skit would get old but to be honest it just grew on me and became better and better. A few reasonable skits and then bam an aerial cube that was paired with the song System of a Down - Aerials. It was perfect and a great compliment to my high school days. The performers were exceptional. Following that was an excellent dance routine to the tune of Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People Again back to high school and the lovely feeling of nostalgia.

Along the way were the always excellent and top notch aerial shows. The wonderful singing and hilarious comedy. Generally in their shows there is a lull where things get a little long in the tooth but in this show I felt the length was perfect and at no point did I want to get up to find a beer. One performance involving hanging from chains and twirling around was particularly memorable.

Then came my favorite moment of the show. Hard to explain but all the performers got in a circle on the ground and then pivoted on the front to stand up and constantly cycle through each person. Finally the ending with the most perfect song for the Va Vas and Adventure theme Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch.

I would recommend if you have any interest in seeing the show to see them in Christmas when they come back!