Samsung S8

Jun 25, 2017 | 2 minutes read

Samsung S8

I recieved a Samsung S8 to give a whirl. It is now my primary phone coming from the iPhone SE. There is a simple reason why; the screen is superb in every sense of the word. The edge to edge and super slim bezel plus software keys create a device that is all screen…and it’s fantastic. After using this screen going back to my iPhone SE’s tiny screen felt constricting. Even comparing it to the iPhone Plus the device felt smaller while having a similiar screen.

Most of my problems with Android still hold true; I replaced TouchWiz with Nova Launcher. I recommend Nova to anyone it’s clean very configurable and feels right without having a ton of cruft. If Nova did not exist I would not use an Android device.

Pain Points

Bixby let me remap that button to Google easily without shaky hacks and all will be forgiven!

Battery the battery is less than my iPhone SE. I am consistently in the red when in my SE I would still be around 30%.

Apps I haven’t found an RSS reader I really like yet. Currently using FeedMe and it mostly works.

Device Maintenance these notifications drive me up and down the wall and I have tried to turn them off to no avail.