Ipad Pro Developer Impressions

Dec 14, 2018 | 2 minutes read

What is this?

There are much better general reviews of the iPad Pro out on the internet. I am going to focus on using the IPad Pro has a development machine.

The Past

I have been an iPad user since the original iPad, having a line of IPad, IPad 2, IPad 4, IPad Mini, IPad Air 2 and now the IPad Pro 11 with Pencil and Keyboard. In the past it has been primarily a consumption devices for YouTube, internet and a handful of games.

IPad Pro from a development perspective

The keyboard transforms the IPad Pro. I have had disconnected keyboards but always having the keyboard has increased my usage 10x of the device has a creation device.

Tool that I absolutely use:

I played with and bought both Blink and Prompt. Blink let me configure the caps lock key has control which is integral since emas and nano are my terminal editors of choice. Also using Mosh over normal SSH is a huge timesaver. By the time the app is loaded my old connection is already restored and ready to go with virtually no lag. I log into a pair of Linux VMs, one at my house for playing around and then the cheapest Linode instance for always available work. On that Linode instance I have emacs with omnisharp and dotnet net core, this combo lets me develop my own personal software from the iPad. Granted I would love something like Pythonista, but this setup works solidly.


Bear is what I am writing this post in, then will copy over to working copy. It’s been my favorite and easy to use of all the markdown editors I have tried.

Working Copy

Able to download my git repositories. Most importantly this blog and write them up is a great ability. In a pitch I could even code with it and upload the git repo for the CI builds to check. By far the most solid app so far.

Things I Want

Give me real mouse support. I want to be able to Remote Desktop into my desktops and work on things and use a mouse. Allow me to hook up to a display and use a mouse, the hardware is fantastic and fast but give me more power. Also do whatever is necessary to make iSH work! It has a huge amount of promise and having a shell on the iPad would be amazing!