Go - A new language

Dec 15, 2020 | 1 minute read

New job with Grafana that will require me to use a new language, Go. Granted I played with Go about 4 years ago but that wasn’t really a deep dive. Instead I am taking the month between my old job and new to do a deep dive into Go!

Really excited about both the new job and learning a new language. I have picked up pieces here and there but the last language I really tried to learn was Typescript and I was only fair at doing that.

So I am going to build a minimal blogging platform. More details on that. So far really enjoying golang but missing some of the batteries included: Dependency Injection, Web Frameworks/Middleware. Granted there are libraries to handle each of these cases.

Things I like, its fast to code in and at the moment is a simple language. No constructors was a bit weird and I miss LINQ.