CodeName: LimeLeague - Inception

Aug 8, 2019 | 1 minute read

The beginning

It is a codename for a project currently working on, basically a Sports League application.

Apologies on the poor writing, this is more of an exercise in writing more often.

Lime League started has Slate Bench software for lawyers. Over an excellent dinner one night a friend and I decided to go into together and create an application to help him with coaching.

I took my basic carcass of Slate Bench and started altering it to fit the concept of leagues and players and teams. This application was cutting edge far to much but I decided to persevere, if nothing else it is resume building.

Some things I wanted to do were explore a lot of concepts I hadn’t encountered or fully embraced.

Notice no where have I talked about the product yet, simply because still trying to figure out the key features necessary. Will talk about the architecture in future values.