Butchertown Grocery

Aug 12, 2016 | 2 minutes read

Butchertown Grocery

The first time I encountered Butchertown Grocery is when my gastro partner in crime, Anna and myself went to a Copper and Kings tasting. Nestled amidst the other food items was Butchertown Grocery offering a a slider burger; mixed with bacon, topped with pork belly and lathered in pepper lard. It would have been delicious if it only had one of the three toppings. Instead it was a greasy and hard to eat.

Fast forward a year or so and we both realized we had never tried BG again. In the old Meat building we met the next day to see what it had to offer. Upfront the service and ambiance are excellent! I liked the color scheme, small things like the stainless french press. Anna and I both remarked on how much we liked that french press. The cocktails were on point and went down easily. Then…well then the food came.

Started with escargot, smothered in cheese and dripping in butter. Drowning in butter, I thought they were alright but I had a hard time tasting much beyond the cheese and butter. Granted when placed on a slice of bread the dish was tasty but it never felt like the escargot came together. For mains I got the Butcherblock Sandwich and Anna got the Pig and Goat Burger. The sandwich was good, but in re-reading the description I saw it was supposed to have hashbrowns and for the life of me I can’t remember tasting a hint of the hashbrowns in the sandwich. The burger was also good but not spectacular. And that is perhaps the problem.

A place charging almost 20 dollars for an ala carte plate better have an exceptional meal. Butchertown Grocery did not, it had a good meal. But I would choose Four Pegs any day of the week. In fact Four Pegs is almost always an excellent choice. Get the Chicken and Waffle sandwich…like now! In a town with so many excellent places and many of them serving full meals for under 12 dollars, when you do charge that much you have to be exceptional!

Another annoyance, the lack of prices online. This bugs me, I think pricing is important to be upfront about it.

In Short

Good but overpriced. Drinks were great. Go to Four Pegs!